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Our Fund


The Drawdown Fund invests in growth equity businesses that are addressing the major drivers of climate change.  We look for companies that have proven technology, established revenue and strong growth, clear competitive advantage, and experienced teams.  We provide the growth capital needed to scale. Our businesses reduce emissions or sequester greenhouse gases while providing attractive risk-adjusted returns. Drawdown is the turning point at which we are reducing carbon at a rate greater than we are emitting it. Our businesses are expected to have a meaningful impact on this equation.


We make $10-$30 million investments in companies with proven business models seeking capital to scale growth and revenue.  We typically work with companies with >$5 million in revenue.  Our investments target solutions across three major systems: Sustainable Cities, Food & Agriculture, and Energy.  Our flexible capital enables us to be the best possible partner to our portfolio companies.

Distributed Energy

The next industrial revolution is already underway.  The transition to distributed, low-carbon energy is market-driven and a fundamental and permanent shift.

Food and Agriculture

Food and agriculture are in the midst of a ‘green revolution’.  Global caloric demand will grow 70% by 2050, creating massive opportunities to meet demand more sustainably.

Sustainable Cities

Cities, which drive 85% of global GDP, are a key part of the climate revolution.  There are massive opportunities to redefine living systems and what they are made of.

Mountain Range

Distinctive investment strategy

A unique investment strategy crafted to generate attractive and uncompromising returns inextricably tied to positive climate impact.


Exceptional team & experience

Deeply cohesive team combining the best of strong operational and entrepreneurial experience with excellent track record as investors.  We bring the right knowledge, networks and team-first mindset to help entrepreneurs succeed.


Mission orientation

Management carry incentives directly tied to CO2 equivalent emissions reductions or sequestration. 


Powerful partnerships and community

Drawdown Fund’s deep talent network, community of channel partnerships, co-investors, industry experts, and Project Drawdown, and expertise scaling companies enable the firm to add significant value to portfolio companies.


The right time

The confluence of sustainability megatrends and rapid maturation of companies from early to growth stage has created a vast opportunity set for experienced growth equity investors positioned to best serve mission-aligned companies.

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We especially love hearing from potential partners and missioned aligned companies.

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